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B&K Agency launches the project Generation Ukraine to ignite Ukrainian creative and business community

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Lviv, Ukraine – Generation Ukraine, a community dedicated to bringing together European and Ukrainian creative and business community, hosted an inaugural brunch event last Saturday, on 16 December, in Lviv, Ukraine to build a platform for Ukrainian creative minds and business enthusiasts alike. To emphasise on the role of Ukrainian women in the growth and development of the Ukrainian cultural heritage, the launch event hosted twenty Ukrainian women entrepreneurs, activists, and creators.

The event hosted a panel discussion led by accomplished women who have successfully launched their own companies, exploring the vital topics of networking and community building, delving into the experiences of successful women entrepreneurs, shedding light on the importance of networking and the sense of belonging to a supportive community. 

Themis Sakellariou, host of the event, and Executive Director at Generation Ukraine, mentions “Our brunch event is more than a gathering; it is a testament to the power of community and an opportunity to plant the seeds of growth and inspiration. I was fascinated to meet all the remarkable women who have carved their paths as entrepreneurs, each with a unique story. Together, we will explore the significance of networking and the sense of belonging to a community, recognizing that in unity, we find strength. Launching Generation Ukraine has been a dream nurtured with passion and commitment, and the prospect of inaugurating our organization in this beautiful country fills my heart with gratitude.” 

Generation Ukraine was incorporated earlier this year by the B&K Agency, a Milan and Brussels-based public affairs company.

Julia Kril, the Executive Director of B&K Agency and the founder of Generation Ukraine, said, “I am beyond grateful to be surrounded by the brave, talented, and inspiring women that have, themselves, been the inspiration to launch Generation Ukraine. All of us in Ukraine are building the generation that shapes the future of our country, and it will be my privilege to contribute to the Ukrainian heritage and help bring it further to Europe.”

About Generation Ukraine:

Generation Ukraine is a community dedicated to fostering creativity and entrepreneurship in Ukraine through networking with European stakeholders. With a mission to create a European and Ukrainian Creative and Business Community, Generation Ukraine connects individuals, provides resources, and promotes collaboration to empower a common future for Ukrainians and Europeans.