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Networking has been one of the most efficient parts of doing business. From making new connections to renewing and refreshing old ones, networking is an essential part of day-to-day activities, but also for looking forward, facilitating projects, and creating value. At Generation Ukraine, we value networking to such an extent that we created this program to foster connections between Ukrainians and European citizens.

In this framework, we organize meetups with stakeholders of the EU Institutions and the State Members, representatives from the corporate industry, and Ukrainian entrepreneurs to network, brainstorm, and build solid relations and projects.

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Our networking events take place throughout the year, and the unique list of attendees is curated based on the agenda. The location changes accordingly. So far, we have successfully organized such events in Italy, Greece, Belgium, and Georgia.

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If you want to endorse the relations between European and Ukrainian stakeholders and support our mission, you can sponsor an event on behalf of your company or even individually. Our team will take care of the logistics.

we will help you choose the best location for your event

Our trusted team will be there to coordinate

we will curate the list of attendees

we will take over its branding

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